Operator Instructions

The following is an overview describing how easy it is to learn and use the E-Z RATCH™ Torsion Spring Winding System.  Users should read the instruction sheet completely before attempting to use the tool for the first time.  A hard copy of these instructions are included in the kit.

Winding Instructions:

  1. Begin with the Gear Adapter (Pic 1) in hand, press down on the latch (Pic 2) to open the split Gear Adapter (Pic 3).
  2. Place the Gear Adapter over the garage door main torsion shaft and snap it closed on the shaft. Be sure the latch is fully secured.
  3. Couple the Gear Adapter to the spring cone by aligning one of the Gear Adapter arms with one of the spring cone bosses then insert the cone pin that best fits the cone boss size and tighten the retaining bolt (Pic 5).  The second Gear Adapter arm and pin should be used with spring cones larger than 2.25″.
  4. Assemble the Ratchet Handles to the Gear Adapter as in (Pic 4) by pulling back on the spring loaded handle to retract the dog catch and slide the Ratchet Handle c-head over the garage door torsion bar and onto the Gear Adapter splines with directional arrow pointing away from you. Repeat to assemble the other ratchet handle. * Note: one Ratchet Handle is flared to the right and one to the left for hand clearance between tools when tightening the spring.
  5. Slide the safety clamp on the Gear Adapter splines positioning it about 1/8″ from the end and snuggly tighten the thumb screw. * Note: Thumb screw should not be tightened on the seem where the two halves of the gear meet. See (Pic 4) for best position.

split gear adapter

Pic 1

adapter latch

Pic 2

open gear adapter

Pic 3

e-z ratch installing gear adapter

Pic 4

Tightening pin retaining bolt

Pic 5

Unwinding Instructions:

  1. Begin by installing the E-Z RATCH™ tool on the spring assembly as is described in the Winding Instructions (Steps 1-5).
  2. While applying enough force on one of the Ratchet Handles to hold the force of the spring, loosen the spring cone set screw(s).
  3. Start with one of the Ratchet Handles in the highest rotational position and hold against the spring force.  With the spring load now off of the 2nd Ratchet Handle pull back on it’s handle to retract the Dog Catch.  Simultaneously, rotate the Ratchet Handle holding the force in the direction to unwind the spring until maximum travel is reached and rotate the 2nd Ratchet Handle (with the Dog Catch retracted) in the opposite direction to a maximum top position and allow the handle to return to normal position.  This will let the dog catch engage the gear again.
  4. Hold tension against the spring with the 2nd Ratchet Handle while pulling back on the handle of the 1st Ratchet Handle and allow the 2nd Ratchet Handle to rotate in the unwinding direction while rotating the 1st Ratchet Handle in the opposite direction and allow the handle to return to normal position letting the dog catch engage the gear.
  5. Continue to alternate Ratchet Handles in this manner until spring is fully unwound.
  6. To remove tool, reverse steps 1-5 of Winding Instructions.